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Emergency Information

Have an emergency? We offer same day emergency care. Current patients in need of after-hours emergency care call 262-251-8704

What do I do if my temporary crown has fallen off?

Gently clean out the inside of the intact temporary crown. Place a small amount of Fixodent in the inside of the crown and place on your tooth. Call the office first thing in the morning for an appointment to have the crown evaluated. Use extreme caution while eating in order to avoid swallowing the crown.

What do I do if a tooth has fallen out?

There is no need to put a primary tooth back into place if it has fallen out. If the tooth is permanent and the tooth and its socket are relatively clean, immediately place the tooth back in the vacant socket and call the above number. In the event you’re unable to put the tooth back, place in cold milk and call the above number immediately. Remember, the best chance for the tooth to survive is treatment within the first 60 minutes!

What do I do if I have a chipped or cracked tooth?

With minimal to no discomfort, call the office first thing in the morning. If the cracked tooth is bothersome, please call the above emergency number.

What do I do if a tooth is out of its normal position?

Please call the above emergency number immediately.

What do I do if my bracket has come off?

Remove the bracket from your or your kid’s mouth, if possible, and call to schedule an appointment. If there is any extreme discomfort is being experienced, please call our emergency number.

What do I do if a wire is poking out?

Place orthodontic wax on the edge of the wire and call us to schedule an appointment.

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